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Providing you comfort during these uncertain times committed with the highest standards of air quality and health, Hitech Environmental is proud to offer disinfection and decontamination services to your home or business. Thorough cleaning by our highly trained team using viricidal product for COVID-19, always using cutting edge technology to deliver peace of mind and safety. 


The safety of our employees and customers comes first and foremost. During our virus decontamination treatments this is no different. Each of our operatives will take the necessary precautions with recommended appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) to perform the decontamination. 

Our Process

The product-
Oxine (other means of identification CAS No. 7758-19-2; 3.35% sodium chlorite solution). Oxine is a registered antimicrobial pesticide (EPA registration number 9804). Oxine is used in laboratories, hospitals, morgues and institutions for disinfecting non-porous hard surfaces. Oxine is also used in air ducts as a bacteriostat, fungistat, mildewstat and deodorizer.

The process-
Our air duct cleaning services help ensure the air inside your home is clean and safe. We also offer a fogging solution that further sanitizes your home and has been added to the Environmental Protection Agencies list of approved solutions against COVID-19.

The fogging solution-
We utilize ULV (ultra-low volume) misting machines to deliver a virucide to locations which require decontamination. The mist delivers virucide will leave a residual coating on all surfaces that it comes in contact with, killing viruses and bacteria including virus. Large areas can be treated in a relatively short time period making this very effective and efficient treatment method.

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